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Administration APIs

Soabase adds support for Jersey Resources to the Dropwizard admin servlet. It also adds a suite of useful APIs.


By default, the base path for admin APIs is "/api".


API METHOD Payload Response
/api/soa GET n/a A SoaInfo object (see below)
/api/soa/discovery/single/{service} GET n/a A DiscoveryInstance object (see below) representing an available registered instance for the specified service.
/api/soa/discovery/all/{service} GET n/a List of DiscoveryInstance objects (see below) representing all available registered instances for the specified service.
/api/soa/discovery/services GET n/a List of all currently known services.
/api/soa/discovery/deploymentGroups/{service} GET n/a An array. Each array index is the name of a deployment group. The value is true if the group is active, false if not.
/api/soa/discovery/deploymentGroup/{service}/{group} PUT boolean Change the activation state of the given deployment group for the given service. Leave the group blank for the default group.
/api/soa/discovery/deploymentGroup/{service} POST DeploymentGroupSetting[] Change the activation states of the all deployment groups for the given service. Groups not in the payload are removed.
/api/soa/attributes/{key} GET n/a Returns the current value of the specified dynamic attribute as the instance would see it (i.e. applying scopes, etc.).
/api/soa/attributes/{key} PUT String Override the value of the specified dynamic attribute in this instance.
/api/soa/attributes/{key} DELETE /n/a Delete any override of the specified dynamic attribute in this instance.
/api/soa/logging/files GET /n/a List of log files as LoggingFile objects (see below).
/api/soa/logging/file/gzip/{key} GET /n/a Returns the specified log file using a gzip stream.
/api/soa/logging/file/raw/{key} GET /n/a Returns the specified log file using an uncompressed stream.

Adding APIs

You can add your own Jersey Resources to the admin servlet. In the run() method of your application, access the admin Jersey Environment via:

SoaFeatures features = SoaBundle.getFeatures(environment);
JerseyEnvironment adminJerseyEnvironment = features.getNamedRequired(JerseyEnvironment.class, SoaFeatures.ADMIN_NAME);
... etc. ...


mainPort the instance's main port
adminPort the instance's admin port
serviceName the serviceName that the instance is part of
instanceName the instance's instanceName
startTimeUtc the start time of the instance UTC
currentTimeUtc the current time of the instance UTC
id Instance Id
host Host/address
port main port
forceSsl if true, main port is SSL
adminPort admin port
healthyState either "HEALTHY" or "UNHEALTHY"
metaData app defined meta data
forcedState one of "CLEARED", "REGISTER" or "UNREGISTER"
key Key to use in subsequent APIs to reference the log file
name Log file name
file Full path to the file
name Deployment group name (or empty string for the default)
active boolean - true if active, false if not