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Soabase Launcher Script

The Soabase launcher is a simple launcher that can be set via init.d to auto-run and control your application.

Getting the Script

Download the script here at Github.


The script supports these commands:

  • help - displays help text
  • start - starts the application in the background and saves its pid
  • run - runs the application in the foreground and saves its pid
  • stop - stops the application
  • restart - if the application is running, restarts the application
  • force-start - stops the application if running (or not) and then restarts it
  • status - displays the application's pid if it's running

Directory Structure

    <root dir>
        \___ your-uber-jar-nnnn.jar
        \___ bin
        \___ config
             \_____ arguments.txt
             \_____ *.json
             \_____ *.yaml


  • The uber jar can optionally be in the bin directory
  • The config directory is optional as is each file in it
  • You can have a config.json or a config.yaml, it can have any name, but only 1 will be used
  • If arguments.txt is present it should contain application arguments (single line or 1 per line). The string $CONFIG_FILE in your arguments file will be replaced with the path to your config file. If arguments.txt is not present and there is a config file, the arguments to the application are: server config.nnn


Add an init.d script that executes NOTE: make sure has execute permissions.