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The Soabase examples show some of the features of the various bundles and utilities.

Building the examples

The Soabase examples are built using Apache Maven. Download the example POM into a new directory and then build it. When building, you must pass the version of Soabase as a command line argument.

mkdir soabase
cd soabase
mvn -Dsoabase-version=VERSION clean package

(replace VERSION with the current Soabase version)

The Code

The code for the examples is in the soabase-example module:


    Used by both the Hello and Goodbye apps to initialize Soabase.


    Contains the Soabase configuration fields.

  • io.soabase.example.hello

    The code for the Hello app.

  • io.soabase.example.goodbye

    The code for the Goodbye app.

  • io.soabase.example.admin

    Example Administration Console customizations.


    Implements a simple in-memory database. Used to store dynamic attributes for the examples.


    A temporary ZooKeeper server. Used for Service Discovery for the examples.

    NOTE: To avoid confusing output all the example apps suppress console logging. However, if you want to see the output add -Ddebug=true to the command line.