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Examples - Dynamic Attributes

Running the example

The example consists of 4 separate applications:

  • mock-database
  • mock-zookeeper
  • goodbye
  • hello

You will run 1 instance of mock-database and mock-zookeeper. You can run multiple versions of goodbye. For example purposes, run at least 2. Lastly, run one instance of hello.

From the soabase directory (assuming a *nix system):

# Run the mock database in the background
java -jar ./target/mock-database.jar &

# Run the mock zookeeper in the background
java -jar ./target/mock-zookeeper.jar &

# Run 2 instances of the goodbye app in the background
java -jar ./target/goodbye.jar &
java -jar ./target/goodbye.jar &

# Run the hello app in the background
java -jar ./target/hello.jar &
# You will see output that shows the ports for the hello app - save these

Performing the example tasks

The MockDatabase app sets a few dynamic attributes that you can query for.

This will return "global":

curl http://localhost:HelloAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test

This will also return "global":

curl http://localhost:GoodbyeAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test

This will return "one":

curl http://localhost:HelloAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test2

This will return "two":

curl http://localhost:GoodbyeAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test2

This will return "new":

curl -X PUT -d 'new' -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:HelloAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test
curl http://localhost:HelloAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test

This will still return "global":

curl http://localhost:GoodbyeAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test

This will return "global" again:

curl -X DELETE http://localhost:HelloAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test
curl http://localhost:HelloAdminPort/api/soa/attributes/test

This example shows the following features:

Scoped Attributes Soabase dynamic attributes can be scoped. There are three default scopes: Global, service and instance. You can also define your own scopes. In the example, the attribute "test" is set at the global scope so it is the same for both Goodbye and Hello apps. The attribute "test2" is set differently for the service scope and so Goodbye and Hello return different values.
Jersey for Admin Soabase adds Jersey support to Dropwizard's admin port. Soabase defines a few APIs and you can add your own.
Local Overrides Through the admin API you can set instance specific overrides for dynamic attributes.