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A flexible Dropwizard ConfigurationSourceProvider. Allows configuration to be either a string, an external file or a resource in the classpath. Special tokens are used to determine how to treat the argument.

If the argument is prefixed with the "string prefix" ('%' by default) the argument is passed as the configuration value.

The argument can also contain the "resource separator" ('|' by default) formatted as [file]SEPARATOR[resource]. E.g. "config/app.prefs|config/default/app.prefs". The file portion is optional e.g. "|config/default/app.prefs". When the argument is processed, the file system is checked for the file (if specified) and, if found, is used as the configuration file. Otherwise, the resource is determined from the classpath (via Resources.getResource()) and used as the configuration file.


To use the FlexibleConfigurationSourceProvider, add it in the initialization phase of your Application. e.g.

public class MyApplication extends Application<MyConfig> {

    public void initialize(Bootstrap<MyConfig> bootstrap) {
        bootstrap.setConfigurationSourceProvider(new FlexibleConfigurationSourceProvider());

Flexible Argument Examples

java -jar MyApp.jar server '%{"server": {"adminMinThreads": 10}}'

The configuration here is a string literal.

java -jar MyApp.jar server '|com/me/config'

Loads the config from the classpath resource "com/me/config".

java -jar MyApp.jar server 'conf/override.json|com/me/config'

Loads the config from the external file "conf/override.json" if it exists, otherwise loads from the classpath resource "com/me/config".